Hosted by Professional Matchmaker Jacqueline with Self Care Coach Tiffany Thoen

TOPIC: Self-care for singles during the holiday season

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Just a snippet of what you will learn:

It can be a stressful, lonely, unhappy time for many- this year, you can make the most of the season by making YOU a priority.

-Consider what is most important to you during the holiday season? Family? Friends? Volunteering? Enjoying festivities? What do you really enjoy? How do you want to feel?
- Consider ways to bring the magic in- sights (lights, snow, sounds- music, smells- even diffusing oils, adding cinnamon and peppermint to drinks) swap stockings with a close girlfriend?
-What can you cut out? Is there something you really dislike but do anyway? Can you say no to that event or tradition?
- Beef up your self-care, esp deep breathing, quiet time such as meditation and reflection, exercise, food (extra veggies, savory foods, food planning), skin care is a lovely way to feel good and look great
-start planning now to reduce stress- holiday control journal, buying things now.
- Food, be sure to eat really well on days of holiday events/parties
- consider your needs and personality types- do you need alone time after holiday parties, etc? Do you know you might feel down after seeing your family- how can you take care of yourself?? Might not the best time to schedule a date. Need friend time or time away, like a hike?
- set expectations with dates (do you want to do holiday stuff?) if so, have fun with it, request driving around looking at lights, caroling, a walk in the cool air with peppermint hot chocolate



Get ready to learn what it takes to have the tools you need to make effective changes in your personal journey.

Only $35

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