Are you looking to promote your business to singles and/ or new couples?


Would you love to reach the singles / wedding community?


We are offering sponsorship and directory programs for quality businesses to market directly to singles in PDX and soon nationwide.


Are you a …

    • Life Coach
    • Love Coach
    • Relationship Coach
    • Jewelry Business Owners
    • Authors supporting dating and love
    • Weight Loss / Nutrition Business
    • Skin Care / Makeup Specialist
    • Wardrobe Stylist
    • Realtor
    • Representative for a great place to host events
    • Active with a healthcare product line or service
    • Host retreats to empower others
    • Wonderful wedding venue
    • Photographer
    • Wedding / event planner
    • Business owner with Fun goodies for singles


Business Directory Membership

Only $297 for One Year / Sign up Friday July 7th

$997 Reg


We are excited to promote companies that will give quality service to our amazing clients.

Our directory page will showcase your company image, company description, and link to your website land page.

Plus contact our office if you'd like to sponsor any upcoming events for a member only fee!

Enjoy connecting to an amazing target market seeking professional businesses that do the And Then Some for their clients.  

We'll add a category if your business type isn't listed yet.

BONUS: Included ONE Sponsorship of a specific event of your choice!

Savings on sponsoring additional events in the future.


(Pay in full to save processing fees - Payment options available)

Ask about Sponsoring Individual Events

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Looking forward to our clients learning about your business!

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